The Greenhouse is Built

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Well, it really wasn't too difficult in the end.  As I said last time it took most of one day to just get the foundation level for the framework.  It took another day to put the framework up. Finally it took me another day to get the door and windows put together and installed then the plastic walls and roof panels into place.  Now just so you don't think that this is too much work I want you to know that each of the three days that it took me was only about 4 hours each day and I had to spread out the days due to my work schedule.  If you had help you would be able to put this greenhouse kit together in one day.  Actually the instructions do say you need a helper for a couple of the installation areas but I used a ladder to hold these parts on one end while I worked the other end and it worked very well for me.

The clear panels are held in with metal clips which do hold it really firmly.  The location of my greenhouse is fairly closely to the house so if is partially blocked from winds by our house.  Still I was anxious to see how it would stand up to wind.  Right on que we had a pretty good storm here with winds.  I'm happy to say that the greenhouse is still standing.

Now I just have to get the rocky soil dug out from the interior so I can get good soil and compost put in for growing.

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