The Seeds are Started, Finally!

Now that there is a little bit of Spring in the air I have finally planted my seeds that I start early indoors.  I usually plant them six to eight week before I can put them out into the garden.  We have such a short growing season here that without this advanced start I would never be able to harvest a tomato.

Besides tomatoes I have also started onions from seed.  This is the first year I am trying this as I usually use onion sets and plant them directly into the garden.  I have also started some different varieties of melons.  Again these take longer to grow and mature.  They will get planted in the hoop house for some extra heat to get them well on their way.

In addition I planted several different herbs to help my new herb garden get started.  The plan is to add a small herb garden up by the house with some of my favorites to make tea with as well as some medicinal herbs.  I'll keep you posted as that project gets going.

Happy Spring finally and have a Blessed Easter.



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