Christmas Blessings

My wish for you and your family
My wish for you and your family

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Well, I don't see any better way to say it than with these pictures.  I just went around my house and took these pictures.  Until I started looking I didn't even realize how many Merry Christmases I had.  It is a wonderful way to feel.

I thought I would give you just a quick recipe for a treat that you can make for your family gathering, office party or even just to have with a nice cup of tea or coffee on a cool winter evening.

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There are many different versions depending on what type of Hersey Kisses you use but, in my opinion, any would be fantastic.

I started with the regular milk chocolate kisses and my fantastic husband unwrapped all of them one afternoon when he took a break from the work he was doing around the house.

Pretzel and M & M Kisses Christmas Style

You will find that it will take less time for the kisses to get soft if you are using a variety with white chocolate in it. Also these would be great for any time of the year using the regular colorful M & M candies. Use your imagination and have fun.


  • 1 bag Hersey Kisses any flavor without anything in the center
  • 1 bag Christmas M & Ms
  • 1 bag Snyder's pretzel snaps, the small regular pretzels work well too


  1. Unwrap the Kisses and place in a bowl.
  2. Pour the M & Ms into a bowl
  3. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees
  4. Place the pretzels onto a baking sheet. Place parchment under if desired but I don't use it.
  5. Place a Kiss on top of each pretzel
  6. Put baking sheet into oven for 4-5 minutes. You want the kisses to be soft but not lose their shape. At four minutes I attempt to add a M & M to one of the corner pretzel/kiss to see if it can be gently pushed into the chocolate. Put the tray back in for one more minute if you feel hardness still in the middle of the kiss.
  7. When soft pull the tray out and working quickly place one M & M one each kiss and gently push it into the chocolate.
  8. After let the tray cool. I do that at room temperature but if you want to speed things up you can put the tray in the fridge. I just never have that much extra room in mine.
  9. After cool store in a air tight container.


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May this season of celebrating the birth of our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ be filled with blessings for you and your family.  Remember there is nothing more important in this world than to spend time with those that you love and love you.  It is not about what might be under the tree but about who you are sharing those gifts with.  Smile, sing, hug, eat and love.

I wish you all many Christmas Blessings.



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