I know it has been a very long time since I've written.  Sometimes that happens in life.  Circumstances change in our lives that don't allow us to keep up with some things, this blog being one for me.

I thought I would just give you a quick "hi" and update from the homestead.  The biggest event for our family this summer has been the marriage of our son.  We have been so blessed with a wonderful daughter in law.  We spent a great week in Dallas, TX with family and new friends.

Spring chicks

Meanwhile on the homestead, early summer was marked by the arrival of our first batch of baby chicks.  These are our broilers at about two weeks old.  They were put out on grass and butchered at 12 weeks old.  Our new batch of hens arrived with these in April and this year are Buff Orpingtons.  The second batch of chicks arrived in early August after returning from the wedding.  This shipment included a second batch of Red Ranger broilers and our turkeys.

This is a year for raising pigs.  We only do it every two years because as I have mentioned before pigs do much better when there are two or more.  Since we can only consume about one per year we raise a couple every two years.  This year we have three we are raising.


Three not so little pigs

I did not have time to plant a full scale garden this year but did a few peppers and tomatoes in the greenhouse as well as some squash in a pot by the front porch. This is the first year we actually have fruit on one of our apple trees, we are so excited about this.  Our pear tree is doing amazing and I am going to have to thin the fruit in order to keep the branches from breaking.  The pigs will enjoy the thinned fruit as a treat.


Our first apples
Abundant pears

I can't wait to harvest and can these pears.  They sure taste good in the dead of winter along with apple sauce and pork chops!!

One other blessing on the homestead is that we discovered some Lady Slippers on the property.  We are now going to take much care around that area in hopes that they will return for us to enjoy again next year.

Lady Slipper

A funny site would have been seen if you would have arrived at our homestead on the day of the eclipse.  Because we are so far north we only has a little over 50% coverage so it was not really noticeable as far as it getting dark.  So out in our driveway was myself, my husband and my dear mother in law passing around the two welding helmets that we have watching the eclipse.  God's creation is absolutely amazing.

I hope this summer has been a blessing for you and your family as it has been for mine.  Enjoy the fall and I hope I can get back with you soon.