Another Storm Coming

Well, our winter does not seem to be over.  The weather folks are predicting a storm of 6-12 inches of snow for us in the next couple of days.  We have had a few days that were above freezing but they are predicting the temperatures to drop again.  Depending on how much snow we get this week I will be tapping the maple trees this coming weekend.  I really cannot wait too much longer.

I have been planning my new herb garden that I will be putting into my food landscape.  I will have many different culinary and medicinal herbs.  I am going to plant most of them from seed around the first of April.  That is the same time that I start a lot of the plants for my garden.  This extra growing time for many heat loving plants like tomatoes and peppers is necessary here in zone 4.  We are only guaranteed about a 90 day growing season between last and first frost.  Of course there are plants that will stand a light frost and even get better with one.

It is nice to have something to plan with all the snow still on the ground but I am really looking forward to get my hands in the dirt.

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