Busy Summer On the Homestead

DSC_0112 (2)The strawberry harvest has come to a close.  My wonderful husband picked the last of them from our 100 or so plants.  We were able to freeze whole berries to use in our breakfast smoothies.  I think when we were all finished there were 4 gallon bags in the freezer.  That of course does not count the countless number that we ate along the way.  I took the last of the harvest and made ice cream with them today.  It will be a treat this evening after my husband gets home from work.

I have gotten into making kefir everyday and we use that and homemade yogurt in our smoothies.  Our local natural food store stocks unpasteurized milk that I make the kefir and yogurt with.  We sweeten with just a bit of honey add greens like kale then a few strawberries and blueberries.  It is a full meal when whirred up in the blender.

The garden has been planted from the seeds that I started back in April.  I really enjoy gardening but to be honest I'm not very good at it.  Everything is always great when I get it planted then along come the weeds and I seem to never be able to get ahead of them.  I know I need to mulch to keep the weeds down but I never seem to get to it.  It is hard to come by straw here in Maine since no one really grows oats or wheat so I use wood chips.  All the chips that we did this spring went down on the inside of the hoop house on top of the cardboard.  I'm trying to get that area doing much better so I can use it next year.

I did purchase a small 6 x 8 foot greenhouse from Harbor Freight.  It is still in the barn in the box since I need to level the ground where I want to put it.  It will go in the front yard where I took out the two peach and two apricot trees that did not make it through the winter.  My goal is to be able to grow greens during the winter, or at least maybe until January before the real cold hits.

Well, time to move the soaker hose in the garden to the green beans.  Visit with you soon.


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