A Lot Has Been Happening On the Homestead

I must first apologize for the long delay is posting.  It has been a very busy spring here at the homestead.  I took the week of Memorial Day off to work at the homestead and fortunately the weather was great.

The first thing accomplished was the painting of the back side of the barn, well at least the really high areas.  I still need to finish the bottom but we had a lift for day so got the hard to reach parts done.  We also used the lift to top the large pear tree to a lower height which will be more manageable for harvesting the fruit.

I also got 3 raised beds put into the garden.  I have been wanting to put raised beds in for many years and now I have them.  I only made them three feet wide instead of the standard four feet.  I am not vey tall and it was a little awkward to reach the two feet to the center of a four foot bed.  I am not going to walk on the beds so I will be able to reach the entire bed from both sides.

There are several other projects in the works and I will give you an update on them in the next little while.

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