New Desk from Salvaged Materials

Since Spring still hasn't come our way yet I decided to tackle an inside project today.  My workspace here at the homestead was rather small and didn't have any really good work surface.  We didn't really need to have a door between the shower and the rest of the bathroom so I took it out a few months ago.  Today I turned that door into a desk.  I purchased some really nice legs from Lowes, cleaned the door up nice and attached the legs using brackets for that purpose.  I am now writing this from my new desk.  There are still a few finishing touches that I want to do before I paint the entire thing but it is functional now.  My filing cabinet fits right under the surface and I am going to add a shelf on the opposite end from the computer and chair.  I have more salvaged plywood for the shelf and it will hold a couple of baskets that I have to keep office things in.  There is enough room for my printer too.  The door is 80"x22" so that is a lot of room.  I might have to get a piece of acrylic to put on the surface since it is a raised panel door but we will try it without for awhile and see.  Now I just have to find a place to put my Great Grandpa's desk that I was using.

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