The Bees Are Settling In

Last night we picked up our bees.  We got to see the queen before she, along with her workers, were put into our hive body.  They spent the night in the camper shell of the truck since it was dark and raining when we got them home.  This morning I set the hive body on the base which is all set up in a corner of the yard.  I suited up not really knowing what to expect so that I could take the screening off the hive opening and set the feeder on top of that.  Since it was raining and not very warm it was recommended that we feed the bees.  Our feeder sits on top of the hive body but under the top.  The bees exited when I got the screen off but they were not aggressive.  I got the feeder on and then filled it with the sugar water and put the top on.

The bees seemed to be happy.  I watched them throughout the day and they were heading in and out of the hive and trying out the few things that are blooming in the yard.  We are very excited about this addition to our homestead.

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