I can't remember when I first tried Chai Tea but I have loved the spicy, warm, soothing drink ever since.  What I do know is that they can be pricey at a coffee shop of cafe so I decided to try to make my own a few years ago.  So, I did a internet search ...continue reading "Chai Tea, Comfort in a Cup"

I'm sitting here with a cup of Chai Tea and it looks like we had another dusting of snow last night. We have had several snow storms followed by rain followed by sleet and then snow again.  It has made for a icy driveway but after a couple of warm days things are improving.  Let's ...continue reading "Winter Blessings"

For those who don't know my husband had shoulder surgery in late spring which meant that he was out of commission for close to three months.  We primarily heat our home with wood and the spring is the time that we are felling trees and getting the cutting, splitting and stacking into the woodshed done.  ...continue reading "The Blessings of Friends"

Since Spring still hasn't come our way yet I decided to tackle an inside project today.  My workspace here at the homestead was rather small and didn't have any really good work surface.  We didn't really need to have a door between the shower and the rest of the bathroom so I took it out a ...continue reading "New Desk from Salvaged Materials"